This is Me.



Since I did 100things for my 100th post I thought I would update this part of my blog.

I am 22 years old and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I recently conducted a poll  and  it was voted that I either be a pole dancer or a professional emo. Do you know how to be a professional emo? Me either, my only thought was that I could dress emo while I pole dance.

I live in a small town in New Zealand. Dispite using most of my teenage years to runaway from home I find myself back home for the THIRD time after moving out. Aint that Ironic.

I try to remain anonoymous on my blog as I say alot of stuff about the shit management at my current place of work. When I leave my job I may decide to come out. Or  I may not. who knows. Perhaps I’ll do another poll. 

I can be funny, sarcastic and I say my mind.  I may say things  that offend you but theres not much I can do about that. I have spent too much of my life trying to please  people and its gotten me no where.

On a lighter note :  I love chick flicks, chick lit and anything girly!  I like to embrace my inner fangirl at times (TWILIGHT)  as well as embracing my inner emogirl. (OME I’m So sad).

I am still deciding whether or not to post my list of funeral songs here.  I might do a poll for that too.

Incase you cant tell I love the poll feature.

I write and take pictures.  Both of these things are at another website as I recieved a few complaints about that. To keep the peace I keep it seperate. Before you go thinking I’m a push over I did rant at the person that complained. However I do regret in the way I did it. 

I am thinking of getting back into my writing. Its just a lack of motivation.. I need to get me a muse lol

Err… I’m slightly obsessed by Twilight. I’m sure my friends are getting sick of  it.

I love cupcakes!!



Some of the bands I like, I need to update my list.

ac/dc, aerosmith, AFI, airbourne, alanis morrisette, alex gaudino,  alice cooper, all american rejects, amy winehouse, anika moa, ashanti, ashlee simpson, atlas, atreyu, avenge sevenfold, avril lavringe, b52s,  the beatles, benny bennasi,  bic runga, billi holiday,  billy idol, billy rae cyrus, black sabbath, blindspott, blink182, blondie, bloodhound gang, blue october, blue oyster cult, blur, bob sinclair, body rockers, bonnie tyler, boomtown rats, boston, britney spears,  brooke fraiser, bryan adams, candle box, cardigans,  carly binding, carly simon, carrie underwood, cat stevens, CCR, CDB, celine dion, chamilliionaire,  cher, cherish, cheville,  chinderlla, chordettes,  chris daughtry,  christina aguleria, chumbawamba, cindy lauper, the clash,  colbie callait, coldplay,cradle of filth,  the cranberries, crazytown, dave chappelle,  david bowie, david lee roth, days of the new, deep purple,  default, devil driver, distured, divinyls,  dj sammy,  the doobie brothers, dope, drowning pool, eagles, eamon,  eminem, end of fashion, enigma, enya,  eric prydz,  eskimo joe, europe, evermore, the exponents,  extreme, the faders, faith hill, falkenbach, fallout boy, fergie, fleetwoodmac, foo fighters, fozzy, the fray, the free design, from first to last,  fuel, fur patrol, garbage, gary moore, general cocaine, genisis, girls allowed, gloria gaynor, the go go’s, godforbid, godsmack, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, greenday, gun,  gwen steffani,  gymclass hereos, headless chickens, heart,hello sailor, hoobastank, hinder, hooverphonic,iio,  il nino,  incubus, INXS, ja rule, jack johnson,  jade macrae, jessica simpson, jethro tull, jewel, jojo, judus priest,  junior senior,  justin timberlake, kaiser chiefs, kc and the sunshine band, kc and jojo,  kelly clarkson, kenny rodgers, the killers, killswitch engage,  kingdom come,  kiss, the knife,korn, l.a guns,  lamb of god, led zeplin,  lilly allen, limp bizkit, linkin park, live,  lynyrd skynard, m people, madona, magenta,  manson, marcy playground, mariah carey, mark williams,  mary j blige, matchbox 20,  the mavericks, mc hammer, my chemical romance, meatloaf, meridth brooks, metallica,  micheal jackson, mika, the mint chicks, moana and the moa hunters, moby, motley crue, mudvayne, muse, nancy sinatra, natasha beddingfeild, nelly furtado, nelly, new radicals,  ngaire,  nickleback, nicky bloomfeild, nikii six, nine inch nails, norah jones,  oasis,  the offspring,  the shirelles,  OMC, opshop, opeth, ozzy osbourne,  panic at the disoo, pantera, pat benatar,  patea maori club,  PCD, pearl jam,  a perfect circle,  peter andre, phantom planet, pink, placebo,  plain white t’s , pluto,  the pointer sisters, poison, powerman5000,  primal scream, public domain, puddle of mudd, queen, queen latifah,  reginor specktor, racheal sweet,  rage against the machine,  radio head, rammstein,  razorlight, real mccoy, RHCP,  red jump suit apparatus,rem, republica,rhiana,  richard cheese,  right said fred,  rightous brothers, riki lee,  rolling stones, roxette,  rouge tradersm rubicon,  rufus wainwright, sammy davis jr,  savage garden, say anything, scorpians, sean kingston, seether, serj tankian,  shakira,  shattersphere, shine down, silk,  silverchair, skidrow, smashing pumpkins,  smokey rombinson, sneaker pimps, snow patrol, sonny and cher, soil, soul asylum,  sound garden, spiderbait, spindocters, spineshank, static x, stefy rae,  steppenwolf, stereophonics, stone temple pilots, stone sour, sublime, sugar babes, supertramp, system of a down,  talking heads, tatu,  tears for fears, thirsty merc, three days grace, timberland, tom cochrane, tom petty, toni braxton,  toto, trapt, twisted syster, type o negitive, ugly kid joe, the vain,  van halen,  vanilla ice, velvet revolver, the veronicas, the vines, warrent,weazer, weta,  white snake, the who,  wolf mother, rob zombie, XTC,  youth group, zz top,  tool

Oh before I had edited this I said that I love Scott so I’m going to write it here so he doesnt look like a dork for saying I said something that isnt here.  I’m such a good friend.

I thnk thats all for now.



  1. yay u love me, im special fuck yeah. lol.

  2. YAY I’m still special. I think professional emo is a great way to go.

  3. Yes you’ll always be special to me wink wink.
    But how does one be a professional emo?

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