Posted by: QueenBitch | March 12, 2009


Hi there 🙂 Long time no see. I decided this isnt the place for me any more. Its been nearly a month since I posted last. That says something to me.

So while I get a new place organised comment if you want to know where I’ll be heading otherwise you’ll never know because I wont be posting it here.

I will catch up on emails and such when I have a moment 🙂


Love n hugs





  2. Wow!! Ok I will let you know 🙂

  3. Can u please tell me where you are going? Send me an email and let me no all the goss 🙂

  4. Yes I will tell you where I am going and I’ll email you as well not that theres much goss!!

  5. i want to know too! pretty please 🙂

  6. Me! ME!! MEEEEE!!!!!

    I want to know too.

  7. Come by and let me know where you’ll be at later so I can follow 🙂

  8. Hey you. If I don’t find out where you’re going I’ll hunt you down. 😉

    Seriously, folks… it would be nice to know where you’re going so I can keep up with what you’re doing.

  9. Give up the new URL girl!!!

  10. I want to know too !!!!!

    Please send details.

  11. okay…totally late to the party, but I wanna know!!

  12. I come back and I have no idea where the fuck you are. Damnit!!!

  13. keep me posted, okay?
    Hope you’re alright.

  14. What? This is my first visit to your blog, and it’s blank! Yes, as the “Terminator” says, “Give me your address there.”

  15. hey, where are you now? Let me know!

  16. Hey I was a bit out of the bloggy world myself lately – where did you go? I would like to know where you are 🙂

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